LETTER: Stick to the issues

David French

To the editor:

It is with great regret I am writing this letter to the editor, however, I need to ensure I clarify some information. Recently, after reading the Leavenworth Times, I discovered the Kansas Republican Party filed an ethics complaint against my Democratic opponent running in the 40th District. The complaint came after campaign materials received by a citizen did not contain a disclaimer indicating how the material was paid for.

Neither my campaign nor I had any knowledge of this complaint being filed before we read it in the Times. I have no control over what the state Republican Party does. Regardless, this type of campaign violation is a minor one and should not have been made public. Candidates have these types of violations often, and seldom intentionally. Most are just oversights or just not fully understanding the campaign rules.

I have tried to run a clean campaign that is focused on the issues that concern the people of the 40th District and not participate in campaign games or negative ads against my opponent. Negative campaigning seems to be the way politics are done anymore and I don’t like it nor will not participate in it. Others do, which I have no control over.

Although all campaign violations should be reported, they should be handled between the Ethics Commission, the candidate and their campaign. They should not become campaign material for the other side in most cases, unless they are flagrant.

Let’s stick with the issues and the differences in my campaign platform and my opponent’s platform. There are stark contrasts between what I want to bring to Topeka and what she wants to bring. The campaign minutia will be gone in a month, but who represents the people of the 40th District will be there for the next two years.

There is a clear choice and I am willing to leave it up to the people in the 40th District to decide what they want from their representative. Make sure you vote. It does matter.

Editor’s note: David French is a candidate for the Kansas House of Representatives in the 40th District.