LETTER: Campaign lies

Marilynn Pittman

To the editor:

As Momma Bear, I am angry. As a Christian I am saddened. As a human I am disgusted. All of today’s politics have become too toxic for our country’s good. Human decency and respect have been lost. Whatever happened to civil discourse?

Civility is about respecting others’ views, letting people talk and really listening and seeing if there could be a workable solution, a compromise. There will always be extremists who demand their ideas are better but what they really do is create chaos. They spread lies, innuendos, misinformation and befuddle constituents to the point people do not know who to believe, thus chaos.

I am angry because the far right has really taken over the Republican Party here in our area. How do the moderate members feel about this? The attitude is to say anything and everything negative about your opponent whether it is true or not. When the fliers say a candidate voted yes or no on a bill you must know why. Some bills have so many different add-ons that a candidate may not think the entire bill is appropriate.

If people want rights they have to take responsibility for their actions. It is called cause and effect. Mr. French and Mr. Braun have both indicated they would not vote for Medicaid expansion “ever!” Is it because they don’t have to worry about insurance because both have taxpayer-funded medical care? I personally have government-provided insurance, but when I get my financial statement for my treatments the numbers are staggering.

I am saddened because our constitution has stated that there should be a separation of church and state. At election time, ministers, pastors or priests should not present their personal opinions for whom to vote in a sermon. Even though we may all pray to the same God, our different religions have different tenets. We should be free to worship the religion of our choice. Political material should not be distributed on church property, including church-owned or leased parking areas.

By now you have heard about the anti-Pittman flier recently distributed on car windshields in church parking areas. Braun says he didn’t put them there but he agreed with all of what was printed. Now Jeff has explained in the paper and online why he voted the way he did. While he is not for abortion he feels in case of rape, incest and mother’s health, decisions should be made with the advice from her doctor and the patient.

The Legislature has a responsibility to ensure protection for women in this category. The bill Jeff voted against did not provide that protection. Just ask women if they see a doctor do they want a third party making their decision as to what is best for said patient, not some insurance personnel or bureaucrat.

Jeff Pittman is an active member of this community as is his wife, Holly. And you will see both of them all over the area. They talk to people of all political persuasions and religions. They are active in the schools and in community and civic organizations.

I am disgusted by the trickle down narrative that has started at the top and continues to spread. Trump has made it OK to spread false information and say anything you want to win. Trump even retweeted “The only good Democrat is a dead Democrat.”

For me that said it all – that is Trump has no moral values. His god is power and money. It is so disappointing to see politicians take the low road. Instead of hate fliers that distort the truth, wouldn’t it be more worthy to simply state what your record has been and what you will actually do for your community?

Let us all be more tolerant and come together as a community. We can all do better if we try. Be kind to one another.