LETTER: Abortion issue

Sen. Kevin Braun/Kansas City

To the editor:

This is a response to yet another misleading letter to the editor by my opponent Jeff Pittman in regard to the abortion issue. His letter stemmed from a Catholic parishioner having distributed Rep. Pittman’s anti-life voting record which is in direct opposition to the official position of the Catholic Church and more specifically the official position of Catholic Archbishop Nauman on the Value Them Both Amendment. Leaving that issue aside, in his letter, Rep. Jeff Pittman is fighting why he is on the right side of abortion. Here is why his argument is legally flawed.The Value them Both Amendment doesn’t say that the Legislature can’t make laws to protect women in situations of rape, incest or the life of the mother. It just does not grant an automatic right to abortion under the Kansas Constitution which would open the door to taxpayer funded abortion.

If the Legislature created a law that said women in these situations could not get an abortion it would be struck down by Roe v. Wade. If the law that was created put an unreasonable burden on women to have access to abortion, it would be struck down by Planned Parenthood v. Casey. Both are U.S. Supreme Court rulings so they are federal law (applying to all states) and supersede any state law.

There are three branches of government and the responsibility of making law lies in the legislative branch. The role of interpreting law lies in the judicial branch. Maybe what is really going on is these are the same arguments used by all Democrats, many whose campaigns, incidentally, have been heavily financed by Planned Parenthood. Anyone can look this up. The reports are easy to find at the Kansas Ethics Commission. Is this a coincidence?If Rep. Pittman is truly concerned for these women and wants “safe guards” for them, he has that power in the Legislature to make safe guard laws. He also had the power to make an amendment from the floor, when the bill was before him in 2020 but for some reason, he refused to do that.

Throughout my time as your state senator, I have been very respectful to those with opposing opinions to mine on this issue and many others but to arrive at a position of mutual respect both parties must be honest about the facts. With that in mind, I thought it was extremely important to once again provide constituents with the facts about the legal process on this issue. Thanks for your consideration.