LETTER: Biden of Kansas

Dave Hicks

To the editor:

Kansas doesn’t have term limits for some reason, but voters in the 3rd Senate District should make their own and end the inconsequential career of Tom Holland.

Tom Holland is the Joe Biden of Kansas – a career politician, in Topeka 17 years, but what has he accomplished?

He’s raised taxes. In 2017, he told us we needed “to step up big time” and swallow the largest tax increase in the state’s history because we were broke. He used the same argument to vote for increases in sales taxes. He’s never met a tax he didn’t like or wouldn’t increase.

He’s increased spending. How much is enough for K-12 education? Apparently, the sky’s the limit for Holland and his bosses in the KNEA. Rather than providing guidance for where funds should go, he throws money at the system and expects there to be change.

He’s tried to weaken our Second Amendment rights. He opposed concealed carry and voted to spend tax dollars to promote gun control. The NRA gives him an “F.”

He’s betrayed the unborn. Holland has been endorsed by Planned Parenthood, and he never fails to vote against pro-life legislation.

If this wasn’t enough to prove that Holland is not representative of the values held in the 3rd District, Holland wants to expand Medicaid in Kansas. The program was never intended to cover able-bodied workers making 130% of the poverty level. We don’t need to make more Kansans dependent on government.

We’ve had 17 years of Tom Holland. What has changed for you? What has gotten better? Let’s put him on his motorcycle and point it back toward Baldwin City – not Topeka.