LETTER: Untruthful mailers

Joana Scholtz

To the editor:

It was very nice of my opponent to write a letter to the editor disavowing knowledge of the Kansas Grand Old Party’s ethics violation report against my campaign. Unfortunately, his attempt at civility is a thinly veiled effort to avoid responsibility for his and his campaign’s malicious actions.

Mailers have been sent to citizens of District 40 on behalf of the Republican Party that contain outright lies about me and my beliefs. While I may be a first-time candidate, I know that candidates are involved in the messaging of the material that their party sends to their voters – unless the candidate is unable to run their own campaign.

So is Rep. French admitting that he is not running his campaign? I have also noticed that Rep. French does not attend community forums such as the League of Women Voters forums and the upcoming Concerned Clergy of Leavenworth forum. Where has he been lately?

Is it a coincidence that the Kansas Grand Old Party sent out a negative mailer on the same day his letter to the editor about the clerical errors was published? Very neat timing, don’t you think?

My opponent and I have totally opposite beliefs about what citizens should expect from their representatives. Rep. French has worked tirelessly, for two years, on his anti-abortion and anti-LGBTQ bills, and would like to spend two more years doing it. I believe that government should not be in our doctor offices or bedrooms.

Representatives have a responsibility to make the government work for the people to find new sources of revenue, access affordable health care, fully fund our schools, fix the broken foster care system, address threats to our environment and repair our economy. Yes, I believe that abortion should be safe, legal and rare because we should focus on providing reproductive health care and education. Most of all, I believe in voting for people over party.

I agree with my opponent that the people of District 40 should vote on the issues. I challenge him to meet me (in-person) for an open forum debate on the issues at 6 p.m. Oct. 27 at the Lansing Community Center. The forum will be simultaneously livestreamed on Facebook.

Joana Scholtz is a candidate for the Kansas House of Representatives in District 40.