LETTER: The right choice

Kenneth J. Church

To the editor:

When Debbie Deere lost two years ago, Lansing and Leavenworth lost a great state legislator. I believed then that it would be a long time before we would see another of her skill and integrity. I was wrong.

Joanna “Jo” Scholtz will undoubtedly be the next representative for the 40th District of the Kansas House of Representatives and she, too, will be a great one. It is my honor to support her campaign.

In her new role as a state legislator, Jo will bring the common sense of a teacher and the organizational know-how of a United States Army officer. She will bring cooperation, not confrontation. She will exude bipartisanship and eschew name calling. She understands a sentiment which I frequently heard while listening to voters in her district the past three weeks: “Why don’t the politicians stop bickering? Why don’t they stop pointing fingers at each other and just sit down and work together for the good of all the people?”

Scholtz will tirelessly work with legislators from both parties. She will listen and work to find answers to her constituents’ concerns, fully mindful that she represents all in her district, not just those who voted for her or those who belong to her political party.

I have witnessed a palpable excitement in Kansas House District 40 concerning Jo Scholtz’s decision to run for the state Legislature. There are many reasons for this enthusiasm. Jo is a highly respected citizen of Leavenworth County. She is a gracious, intelligent, insightful, compassionate and imminently forceful individual. She is not afraid to stand up for others. Her immense people skills, her welcoming spirit and her considerable intellectual dexterity are among her many talents. These are the talents she will now use to improve the lives of all Kansans.

Within the educational community of Leavenworth County, Jo Sholtz has risen to the highest levels of leadership, innovation and integrity. She has gained the confidence, trust and love of an army of Leavenworth County parents and grandparents whose children she has taught.

Jo Scholtz will quickly bring the same kind of positive reputation and willingness to reach across the aisle to help work on statewide issues she considers vital to all Kansans. Those issues include, but are not limited to, safety for all, social justice for all, less expensive medical and prescription costs, decent wages and good jobs, a long overdue cost of living allowance for KPERS retirees and Medicaid expansion in Kansas.

Leavenworth County has been blessed with some absolutely terrific leaders, most notably Marti Crow, Debbie Deere, Candy Ruff and Carolyn Tillotson. It’s time to get on board for another. It is time to vote for Joana Scholtz.