LETTER: Stop the madness

Gene Kirby

To the editor:

Stop the madness, lies, distortions, innuendo and rumors. Stop telling me why your opponent should not be elected. Stop telling me that your opponent is not qualified to hold public office because they have not served in the military.

There are many of us who have served our communities with hard work, willing to make tough decisions, with honor and truthfulness. Stop telling me who to vote for based on party affiliation. Stop sending me fancy brochures, paid for by dark money and groups from out of state, when their only point is to tell me why I should not vote for someone.

Start telling me what you will do, how you will do it. That you will work together to solve our state’s many problems. Tell me what you are going to do to rid this state, our home, of the COVID-19 nightmare.

Tell me that you are willing to make the tough decisions that benefit us all, not just members of your party. Tell me what you are going to do about health care, rural communities that do not have adequate health care such as doctors, hospitals and testing facilities. Tell me what you are going to do about education, the sales tax on food, property taxes. The list goes on and on.

Start today. Tell me what you have accomplished, what you plan to do and how you are going to get it done. Tell me that you are going to work together for the greater good of our home. Do not tell me who to vote for just because your opponent is not from the right party. Tell me today what you are going to do to the benefit of all of us. Tell me, show me, what you are going to do to bring us together. Stop trying to divide us for your own political ambitions.