LETTER: Church fliers

Rev R. Grossman

To the editor:

This letter concerns the fliers that were recently passed out at St. Joseph Church in Leavenworth. Although I normally support anyone’s right to inform the public of their opinions, I draw the line when cowards within organizations such as Kansans For Life seek to influence church opinion by passing out fliers that are not only lies but fail to identify the writer.

Research has shown me that the flier handed out was apparently authored by a staff member of KFL. Using the church to further personal and political beliefs is shameful and as non-Christian as it gets.

What does Sen. Braun have to say now that the church has refused to endorse him or his position via the post in this past Sunday’s bulletin? Having talked to a lot of parishioners of this church, it appears that the overwhelming majority are disgusted with Sen. Braun’s followers that have seen fit to make the church a political entity rather than a safe place of prayer.

Any politician that takes this course of action is unworthy of any true Catholic support. Any parishioner that works for an agency such as KFL as a staff member and refuses to sign their names to their political ramblings should be ashamed to present themselves as Catholics.

Contact KFL and demand the resignation of the coward that authored this latest attempt to politicize the church and send a clear message to Sen. Braun that it is time he goes back to work full-time for Pfizer and stays out of politics.

Unlike the coward that wrote the handout, I gladly sign my name.