LETTER: Abortion issue

J.A. Reinhold

To the editor:

Taxpayers beware. Two of Rep. Jeff Pittman’s recorded votes in the Kansas House should inform whether or not you vote for him for the Kansas Senate or Sen. Kevin Braun.

Curiosity about the political ad cards in the mail saying voting for Pittman for state Senate would be like burning my own money caused me to request a friend to go online and look up the actual tax and spend votes he made. The research showed the info on the cards is true and has been true since 2017.

On the tax issue, Pittman not only voted for but introduced the bill for increased individual income taxes and a three-cent increase in our state gasoline taxes. The Topeka Capital Journal reported that the governor said it would be the largest tax increase in state history.

On the abortion issue, this year Pittman voted no on SCR 1613. His vote stopped a pro-life law against late-term abortion and kept the taxpayer still funding abortions. Pittman claims to be a Catholic, yet he supports abortion, this can’t be right.

While we celebrate women’s suffrage and breaking the glass ceiling, women also should be held responsible for their decisions. When women choose to abort their baby, they should bear that responsibility. But they don’t have to. Those like Pittman who are supposed to represent us instead enable the women by forcing taxpayers to fund their abortions. When government taxpayers pay for something, we get more of it. Hence Pittman enables abortion. Using taxpayer dollars for abortion is ethically wrong and abortion is morally wrong.