LETTER: In favor of Pittman

Chris Bergen

To the editor:

Several years ago, a man who only introduced himself as Jeff showed up at an annual event put on by my students. He rolled up his sleeves, picked up a sledgehammer and joined in the festivities. I recognized him from many other community events that supported children, the farmers market and other school activities. He spoke with my students and others attending the event. All of this he did without formal introductions or looking for endorsement/voter loyalty.

I cannot tell you how shocking it was when one day, I saw him drive away in his old Ford pickup with the “Pittman” sign on the side. How wonderful it is to have an elected official that is not only a part of the community but also clearly is doing so for the right reasons.

Jeff and his family support our residents all of the time. We’re lucky to have such a citizen willing to run for office. We are blessed to have someone willing to stay away from negative politics and speak solely about their qualities and ideals. Our community is better for politicians like Jeff Pittman.