LETTER: Running a campaign

David French

To the editor:

My opponent accuses me of not running my own campaign. Trust me, I am running my campaign better than she is running hers. I am not making simple ethics violations. I understand it is an ethics violation for me to have any communication with PACs on what they send out to support me or criticize my opponent. And, although not a polished politician, I am savvy enough not to participate in Democrat-led forums and set-up ambushes.

Unfortunately, Leavenworth doesn’t have an organization to hold a non-biased candidate forum. Those that offer forums are run by the Democrats or liberals for the benefit of Democratic candidates and to set up the Republican candidates. I have been burned once too often and will not participate in a forum unless I have a level playing field to participate on.

We don’t need a forum or debate to separate my opponent and myself. I am a constitutional conservative that believes in protecting our constitutional rights; for reducing government spending and reducing taxes; for maintaining law and order by supporting our law enforcement agencies; for getting our money’s worth from our education system; not opening Kansas to the Big Marijuana agenda; not using taxpayer dollars to finance abortions; believes abortions are murder; for protecting our second amendment right to protect ourselves; for improving health care without national health care leading to socialized medicine and for reducing government’s restrictions on our daily lives.

My opponent, or her party, stands against all of my stances and will gladly increase government spending on continued poor education, government health care, abortions and the welfare state, to include for illegal immigrants. They will cut spending on law enforcement and limit their capabilities to protect us. They will continue to want to shut down our economy and restrict our activities based on data they continue to manipulate. And, most important, they will try to raise our already devastating taxes that will drive more Kansans and businesses out of our state.

I will gladly go back to the Statehouse and continue to try to protect my constituents from the government or my opponent will go and try to give them over to government control.

The choice is clear. The voters of the 40th District have to decide what they want from their state representative. This is a critical election for our state and nation. Elections have consequences. Vote.