LETTER: Forum attendance

Pat Proctor

To the editor:

I was saddened to hear that my opponent in the race to serve the people of Leavenworth and Fort Leavenworth, Myron Griswold, changed his mind at the last minute and refused to meet me in a forum on Wednesday. Ernest Evans went to a great deal of trouble to arrange this discussion and ensure that it would be aired on the government cable TV channel and that the press would be present. This was going to be the only chance for voters to see just the two of us, in person, on stage, discussing the issues that are important to the people of our district.

I am a little confused that Myron Griswold dodged this debate. Only days ago, a PAC supporting Myron sent a mailer to voters in our district attacking me for not posting my position on expanding Obamacare in Kansas, a centerpiece of Myron’s campaign, on my website. I did share my position on this issue in a League of Women Voters interview on Facebook. But if Myron felt so strongly that my answer was insufficient, why forfeit this opportunity to press me on this issue?

I can only conclude that he dodged the debate because he did not want to be asked if he would support the Value Them Both Amendment, which would protect common sense restrictions on abortion like no taxpayer funding of abortions and parental consent before teenagers have abortions. A couple weeks ago, Myron made it clear in a town hall that he sides with the abortion industry on this issue and I am sure he was afraid I would press him on that support.

Or maybe he just didn’t want to be confronted about his declaration of his “100% support” for extremist organizations that want to defund the police.

Forums are an extremely important job as a candidate, as they are a direct way to speak to and inform voters about candidates’ policies. I don’t understand why my opponent doesn’t think the voters of Leavenworth and Fort Leavenworth deserve to know his views on these important issues.