LETTER: Women’s choices

Ruth J. Heflin

To the editor:

Mary Wilkinson is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

She pretends to care about women, but wants to deny us life-saving surgeries, including abortions and any surgery or medical procedure she believes endangers fetuses.

She does not care one whit about a woman whose fetus is dying, who would be forced to suffer through that prolonged and painful experience until her body either kills her or ejects the fetus.

She does not care one whit about women who have been abused by lovers who choose to force women to bear their children, whether they are outright rapists or husbands.

She does not care one iota about women who have to make decisions to ensure the children they already have are fed, clothed and housed, or who might be victims of incest.

All Mary Wilkinson cares about is controlling women’s bodies and women’s choices. If a woman becomes pregnant, I am certain Wilkinson believes her god tells her that that woman must suffer for enjoying carnal relations.

The reality is that Kansans for Life is a purposeful misnomer because they do not care about actual women’s lives, and their fearless leader seemingly cares more about the publicity her role with this organization gains her rather than about real issues of health care.