LETTER: Support Braun

Duane Beth/Kansas City

To the editor:

As a retired Kansas City, Kansas, police officer who lives in Senate District 5, I have real reservations with Jeff Pittman’s missed votes for the four years that he has been in office. He does not have a yes or no vote recorded for 45 bills, meaning Leavenworth had no representation on these matters.

I want a senator who actually shows up in Topeka and who also votes my values. As a retired police officer, I have an issue with the fact that Jeff Pittman was only one of two members of the Kansas House to vote against a bill that requires drivers to show their drivers license to law enforcement during a traffic stop. He also introduced tax policy that was compared to the Communist Manifesto. I’m glad it didn’t pass out of committee.

That is why I am voting for Sen. Kevin Braun. Kevin has a 100% attendance record and I know him personally. He is a good man who works hard in the Kansas Senate and has common sense approaches to solving problems. He works across the aisle and was able to get a 40-0 Senate vote on a constitutional amendment by talking to both Democrats and Republicans. He was even able to convince the Senate Ways and Means Committee to set up a subcommittee on veterans’ issues and was named chairman of that committee. Kevin cares about his fellow veterans and shows up in Topeka. I support him wholeheartedly.