LETTER: Support Proctor

Mark Zaretski

To the editor:

I have been a resident in the city of Leavenworth for over 31 years. I separated from the Army as a major in 1992 and entered the law enforcement profession, retiring in 2017, having served in a variety of positions including command. Drawing from insights of both my careers is why I am strongly endorsing Pat Proctor for the Kansas House of Representatives in District 41.

Over the past year I have spoken with Pat on a variety of issues that are important to my family and me, and why I believe Pat is best qualified to represent us. First and foremost, Pat is a local successful small business owner and all the very many things that entails. Pat understands how vital that sector is for employment in Leavenworth, quality of life and our tax base.

There are several essential missions citizens cannot do for themselves and depend on elected representatives to do and do correctly for their community. Economic development is among them. Pat Proctor understands how important this area is for our property values and future quality of life.

Another area that we cannot do for ourselves is pubic safety. As an informed electorate we vote for political candidates we believe will represent our best interests. Public safety is a paramount interest and recent events both near and far show the consequences when elected officials shrink from that responsibility. Pat is a supporter of law enforcement and has publicly made his position known that defunding the police will never happen on his watch.

Pat demonstrated outstanding performance in his Army career and is operating a successful small business during a pandemic. This indicates to me his ability to lead, decision making skills, fiscal responsibility and the compassion to succeed as our state representative.