LETTER: Vote Pittman

Lindsay Preisinger

To the editor:

I’ve been lucky to know Jeff Pittman my entire life. First, as a childhood neighbor where he was about 10 years older and always nice to the younger kids, including my brother, then as he was a super smart college student and then a successful professional. None of these simpler times did I ever think of him as a Democrat or Republican, instead as a person and friend.

Jeff has always been helpful and respectful to me and my family and I’ve enjoyed watching him as he became a dad about 18 years ago and is now a great family man.

Speaking of family, it’s a known unwritten rule that family is off limits in campaigns, and unfortunately Jeff’s family has been attacked many times. Thankfully, Jeff has taken the high road.

Although I don’t live in Leavenworth, and I can’t vote there, many people I love do live there, including my parents.

Leavenworth and surrounding areas, now is the time to do the the right thing, put differences aside and vote person over party. Vote Jeff Pittman for state Senate.