LETTER: Proctor’s policies

Chuck Allen

To the editor:

In response to Mr. Mark Preisinger’s letter last Friday, yes it is a very contentious race for the 41st District. But the choice is clear, and I ask voters not to focus on Mark Preisinger’s petty insults but to focus on Pat Proctor’s policies.

Here is why your vote for Pat Proctor Nov. 3 is a vote for a better, brighter future for Leavenworth and for Kansas.

– Bring accountability back to our property tax system, making it affordable to own a home and business in Leavenworth

– Help our neighbors escape government dependency and build lives and futures for themselves and their families

– Passing the Value Them Both Amendment to protect the unborn, providing common sense restrictions on abortion, resulting in no taxpayer-funded abortions and requiring parental notification for teens

– Backing the Blue, our police are heroes. Pat has signed a pledge not to defund our police.

The above policies will bring more prosperity and security to Leavenworth. Pat Proctor will also return some needed conservative values back to government.

I met Pat while volunteering at our local VFW helping our veterans. Pat talked to me about his concerns for our community and his ideas about bringing jobs and opportunity back to Leavenworth. Therefore, my wife and I began volunteering for his campaign. I enthusiastically endorse Pat Proctor’s candidacy to serve as our state representative.

The policies that a candidate takes forward matter – petty grievances don’t.