LETTER: A word of thanks

Gary A. Nelson

To the editor:

As many of you know, my client, Tara Jackson, and her family suffered a traumatic loss of two of her oldest children and the kidnapping of two daughters. On behalf of Tara Jackson, her family and friends, she would like to thank everyone who came together to bring her daughters home safe on Saturday – Leavenworth County Sheriff’s Office, Kansas Bureau of Investigations, Kansas Highway Patrol, Oklahoma Highway Patrol, Beckham County Sheriff’s Office, the unknown truck driver who called in a vital sighting, the various law enforcement agencies in the towns and counties along the way and the many other people who helped search.

Tara also appreciates the media and reporters who played a large part in getting the information out concerning the abduction of her daughters and assisted in locating them.

In addition, she wants to thank everyone who has offered support and assistance in her family’s time of need. I would like to ask that you respect her privacy during these next very hard weeks and months that Tara and her family have ahead of them.

Editor’s note: Gary Nelson, an attorney, is representing Tara Jackson.