LETTER: Worthy candidate

Curt Pangracs

To the editor:

I have known Pat Proctor for 16 years. We met online before he moved to Leavenworth with his family to attend CGSC. It began as a business relationship, as I did some computer work for him. From day one, Pat struck me, first and foremost, as someone who was reliable and dedicated to giving 100% to everything he takes on. We met in person and I was struck by his presence, bearing and quick humor.

Over the years, as I followed his many military and personal achievements, I was never once surprised. When he neared retirement, I mentioned he should run for office, as he was always talking about how he and his family loved Leavenworth and that they had finally found a home after years of moving around the country and the world. He was non-committal at that point, as he was weighing his post-military options. He could have become a full-time professor (yes, he earned a Ph.D, which he rarely mentions), a full-time restaurateur or anything he put his mind to. A big part of showing his love for this community is his willingness to put himself under a microscope and take on the rhetoric, sometimes hostile, that comes with today’s political climate. We are lucky as a community to have a person so willing to dedicate their years of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to working for the community.

We don’t always agree 100% on everything, because my priorities are different than anyone else’s. I wouldn’t have it any other way. We do agree on very basic, human priorities, such as the right to life for the most vulnerable humans on earth and the need to support small business in our county. He has made clear what he believes in, and is unflinching in the face of disgusting online comments and harassment.

Pat Proctor is dedicated to working for all citizens in the community. You won’t always agree with his position on things, but you can be confident that the truly important things that impact all of our lives as a community will be what he fights for, and that he will listen to you and come to his own conclusion, not just that of his political party. I will vote for Pat Proctor with confidence.