LETTER: Church fliers

Carol Dengel
Overland Park

To the editor:

Thank you to the kind and generous people of Leavenworth and Lansing who have expressed overwhelming appreciation to our volunteers who distributed pro-life voter guides in church parking lots over the past two weekends.

Kansans for Life exists to protect those who can’t speak for themselves. In order to pass common sense pro-life regulations, our Political Action Committee researches and endorses candidates who will vote to protect the most vulnerable. On occasion, there are legislators like Jeff Pittman, who says he is pro-life, but doesn’t vote that way. It is our job to educate voters on who will vote pro-life so voters can elect candidates who uphold their values. State Sen. Kevin Braun has a 100% pro-life voting record and KFL PAC has proudly endorsed him for reelection.

Distribution of voter guides in church parking lots happens across the country. It is because of the great sacrifice by many veterans and their families that we are able to distribute voter guides like this. Provided a church parking lot has access to a public road, we can celebrate the first amendment right of free speech by providing voter guides this way. It is not lost on KFL that this privilege was in part made possible by many veterans and their families right here in Leavenworth County through their own personal sacrifice serving our country. We thank you.

I met a very nice woman going to her car after attending services who thanked me for the voter guide and asked if this puts her church at risk of losing their charitable status. The short answer is no. That is precisely why church leaders are not asked if it is OK to distribute the guides in their lots. Because if the church approves it, and also pays for the guides, that could be problematic. For more information, you can read a one-page legal opinion by a preeminent election law attorney who has won nine cases before the U.S. Supreme Court at https://kflpac.org/learn-more/

I can’t think of a better community, a better time, or a better candidate than pro-life State Sen. Kevin Braun to support. It is Respect Life Month and many people in the area are hearing from their pastors that protecting the unborn is of the highest priority this election. KFL is trying to do our part educating the community on the candidates who will vote to support life.

Carol Dengel is the director of Kansans for Life.