LETTER: Getting things done

Danny Zeck

To the editor:

Sen. Braun has a 100% attendance record and a 100% voting record. He has carried nine bills on the Senate floor and every one of the nine were passed by the Senate after his arguments. Sen. Braun is a member of four Senate committees and chairman of two subcommittees. The most significant committee is Ways and Means where all financial priorities and decisions are made for our state. Sen. Braun was individually responsible for raising the state funding by $2 million for our community safety net clinics including Saint Vincent in Leavenworth.

As chairman of the subcommittee on Veterans Affairs, Sen. Braun was able to approve an additional $50,000 for veteran service officers.

As a member of the subcommittee on transportation, Sen. Braun refused to vote for any 10-year transportation plan that did not include the Centennial Bridge replacement and it was included in the final 10-year Eisenhower Legacy Transportation plan that passed into law.

As a member of the subcommittee on corrections, Sen. Braun and the subcommittee were the source for the 2018 raises for our corrections officers.

As a member of the education committee, Sen. Braun carried a bill that would allow dual enrollment credit for our high school students in technical schools and community colleges. He carried this bill in committee, passed it out of committee and carried it to passage on the Senate floor. This bill will help close the gap between high school graduation and attaining a technical skilled job or a more effective transition to higher education.

As a member of the transportation subcommittee, Sen. Braun’s vote is needed to approve all plans for both construction and maintenance of all Kansas state roads. Last year he was called on by the city of Lansing to assist them with approval for an entrance to the recently opened Quik Trip. The project was stalled due to the Kansas Department of Transportation’s decision to not allow specific access to the north entrance. This decision would have derailed the deal and ended the agreement to build. The city appealed to KDOT, but they would not move from the no entrance position. When hearing from the Lansing city manager, Sen. Braun cancelled his afternoon appointments to meet with KDOT leadership and engineers to determine how this could be resolved. The day after the meeting, the KDOT decision was reversed and the entrance was approved.

These are just a few of the ways Sen. Braun has delivered for Leavenworth and Leavenworth County. As a member of the majority party, Sen. Braun is the only Senate candidate that can actually chair committees and carry bills on the Senate floor. He deserves both our appreciation for his past service and our vote for reelection to continue to deliver for Leavenworth.