LETTER: Upcoming election

Sen. Kevin Braun/Kansas City

To the editor:

Dear Senate District 5 constituents, with all of the miscommunication in this campaign, I would like to provide you with a final communication before the election Nov. 3 to share my accomplishments, my four-year vision and some indisputable facts about what is at stake for you over the next four years with your vote.

On my accomplishments, as your state senator since 2018, I held a 100% attendance, 100% voting record and carried and passed nine bills. As a majority party member of the Ways and Means Committee, I influence every Senate budget decision. As chair of the Kansas Veterans Affairs subcommittee I passed a $50,000 funding increase for veteran service officers, which dispels negative mailer 1. I raised safety net clinics funding, including Saint Vincent Clinic, by $2 million. I fully funded state law enforcement, delivered corrections pay increases, and a $50 million local road and bridge construction match program. I prioritized the Centennial Bridge in the 10-year Eisenhower Transportation Plan and voted increased education funding by $360 million, which dispels negative mailer 2. I voted for the governor’s $50 million COVID relief bill, which dispels negative mailer 3.

My vision for the next four years includes prioritizing safety, health care and prosperity.

On safety, I will again properly fund state law enforcement and first responders and carry bills supporting both. That is why I am endorsed by Wyandotte County Sheriff Don Ash, our Attorney General Derek Schmidt and several other law enforcement and corrections officers.

On health care, I will continue to protect the promise of Medicare and Medicaid for the elderly, the disabled, children and pregnant women and will continue my advocacy for increased Kansas safety net clinic funding. I will continue to support life. I will drive health care costs down for every Kansan through competition and full scope of practice legislation for nurse practitioners. My ongoing advocacy for better health care earned me the endorsement of former Gov. Jeff Colyer, a practicing physician.

I will continue to deliver a more prosperous Kansas supporting programs that make sense to help Kansas businesses large and small open up safely while always supporting local control. I will continue to work on pro-growth tax policy reducing individual property tax by growth-based business tax revenues. These actions and positions are why I am endorsed by the Kansas Chamber, the National Federation of Independent Business, Farm Bureau and the Kansas Livestock Association.

In Leavenworth County specifically I will work with county commissioners and city councils to pass legislation that supports their transportation plans improving both the business environment and constituents’ quality of life. I will listen to parents and seek to transform our education system to a student centered, parent selected, teacher supportive model that prepares our students to complete for careers in Kansas.

There are two indisputable facts that will frame the state legislative success for all of Senate District 5 for the next four years. The first is only majority party members in the Senate can carry bills. I have carried nine over the past two years. Should my opponent be elected he will carry zero bills for Leavenworth for four years. The second is only majority party members can be chairman of committees. With chairmanship comes the influence required to meet the requests of your district and your constituents. If reelected, I will hold chairmanships and be able to continue to deliver as I have for the last two years. If my opponent is elected, he will not chair any committees.

These are serious times for Kansas and Leavenworth and they require serious consideration. Will you vote to go backwards to four years of minority party limited influence and limited funding in Topeka or will you vote to go forward with a senator that has demonstrated the ability to listen to all constituents regardless of party and deliver with the legislation that constituents requested? The choice is yours Leavenworth. Four years is a long time to have no legitimate representation. Please choose wisely, your quality of life depends on it.

I would appreciate your vote Nov. 3. Thanks for your consideration.