Letter to the editor: America surrendering to virus

Staff Writer
Topeka Capital-Journal

Now that the election if over with, many are asking how so many Americans could still vote for President Trump after he clearly disregarded the warnings about COVID-19 and even played it down, something which he described to Bob Woodward.

The answer is two-fold. Stand on any street corner and ask as many people as possible how many in this country have died since the beginning of the outbreak, and very few could tell you.

Secondly, the argument about keeping the economy open versus shutting it down in order to stop the spread is affecting more people's livelihoods than those who have gotten the disease or who have lost loved ones. Your next-door neighbor has underlying health problems that might kill him should he get the virus, but you’re worried more about your job and how you might pay the rent next month, so you say to him, "Sorry, Doug, but I need my paycheck more than I am going to worry if you are still around in a few months from now."

This viewpoint isn't just selfish, but it is really dark and frightening since it portrays how America is slowly surrendering to the virus.

Michal Betz, Wichita