LETTER: People really do care

Roger Harrison

To the editor:

As I watch the news, listen to the radio and travel around, I see things that we should be thankful for. One thing is not the virus, although the virus has accomplished some changes to outlooks on life.

Yards look better, houses look better, most people are friendlier, phrases are expanded. The salutations of “Good morning, how are you doing?” has expanded to “Good morning, how are you and your family doing?” “Have a great day” has expanded to “Have a great day, and stay safe.” It is a real feeling of concern for one another.

As I ring The Salvation Army’s red kettle, I am struck by the number of people donating paper money. This is not to belittle a person who puts in their coins, it is just notable this year in comparison to past years. It shows me that in our town we care about our fellow people.

I noticed from my vantage point in front of a large store an increase in people reaching out to one another when they see a bag fall from a cart, an infirm person crossing the entrance, assisting someone in loading their car, etc. I have noticed this increase since I have watched this holiday shopping period for 15 or so years. It is heartwarming to know that in my town, people really do care.