JASON BROWN: Le'Veon Bell's meaningless comments fuel dry news cycle

Jason Brown
The Leavenworth Times
Kansas City Chiefs running back Le'Veon Bell runs against the Denver Broncos. [JAY BIGGERSTAFF/USA TODAY Sports]

The latest edition of Kansas City Chiefs offseason news that doesn’t actually matter landed on our news feeds late last week and it’s pretty difficult not to chuckle at the recent development. 

I thought we weren’t going to get anything more ridiculous than the earth-shattering news that Patrick Mahomes wants to win every football game next season and go 20-0 but former running back Le’Veon Bell decided to speak out on his brief stint with the team. 

Jason Brown

Bell, who joined the Chiefs in the middle of the season after his release from the New York Jets, was not the workhorse he was in Pittsburgh and he never found his place in Andy Reid’s offense, leading to just two touchdowns on 254 yards. I never really thought about Bell’s lack of production because the Chiefs had Clyde Edwards-Helaire – a first-round draft pick – and Darrel Williams before signing Bell to the one-year deal. They also are not an offense that requires a lot of running, which is probably what led to Bell’s airing of grievances on social media. In a comment on his Instagram account, Bell replied to a user saying, “I’ll never play for Andy Reid again… I’d retire first.”

The comment disparaging one of the most highly regarded head coaches of all time didn’t sit well with Chiefs fans and the rest of the league. Even if Bell has his reasons to be upset with Reid and the Chiefs, he knew what he was doing making that comment. He’s letting teams know that he expects to play wherever he is next season. Clearly, teams aren’t taking his message seriously because he is still a free agent while other running backs have been signed for reserve roles.

In the end, Bell’s comments do not mean anything because his time with the team did not mean anything. This isn’t like Jamaal Charles saying he would never play for Reid again, although I’d understand if he would never be coached by Todd Haley again. It was a fun couple of days seeing Bell get dragged for his wildly unpopular opinion but it’s back to the slow news cycle of the NFL offseason. 

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