Top Kansas high school football games and predictions for Oct. 8, 2021 games

Billy Watson
The Hutchinson News
The No. 2 McPherson Bullpups and No. 5 Buhler Crusaders collide in an AVCTL Div. III matchup and rivalry Friday in Buhler.

It is now week 6 of high school football in Kansas. The Kansas sports writers are back and gathered the top games from around the state and made their winning predictions.

The high school sports writers of the Topeka Capital-Journal, Butler County Times-Gazette, The Hutchinson News, Salina Journal, and Wellington Daily News. So far, Billy Watson leads the writers at a record of 52-23. Chuck Chaney is right behind him at 49-26. Tied with Chaney is Greg Williams. Dylan Sherwood is at 47-28, and Seth Kinker is 44-31.

Here are more sports news from this week:

Here are this week's picks:

6A No. 10 Washburn Rural (4-1) at 6A No. 2 Manhattan (5-0)

Chaney: Manhattan

Kinker: Manhattan

Sherwood: Manhattan

Watson: Manhattan

Williams: Manhattan

6A No. 3 BV Northwest (5-0) at 6A No. 7 BV North (3-2)

Chaney: Blue Valley Northwest

Kinker: Blue Valley Northwest

Sherwood: Blue Valley Northwest

Watson: Blue Valley Northwest

Williams: Blue Valley Northwest

6A No. 5 Blue Valley (4-1) at 4A No. 4 Bishop Miege (2-3)

Chaney: Bishop Miege

Kinker: Blue Valley

Sherwood: Blue Valley

Watson: Blue Valley

Williams: Bishop Miege

5A No. 5 Bishop Carroll (4-1) at 5A No. 1 Kapaun Mt. Carmel (5-0)

Chaney: Bishop Carroll

Kinker: Kapaun Mt. Carmel

Sherwood: Bishop Carroll

Watson: Bishop Carroll

Williams: Kapaun Mt. Carmel

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5A No. 8 Maize (4-1) at 5A No. 4 Maize South (5-0)

Chaney: Maize

Kinker: Maize

Sherwood: Maize

Watson: Maize

Williams: Maize South 

4A No. 2 McPherson (5-0) at 4A No. 5 Buhler (4-1)

Chaney: McPherson

Kinker: McPherson

Sherwood: Buhler

Watson: Buhler

Williams: Buhler

Holcomb (4-1) at 3A No. 4 Cheney (5-0)

Chaney: Cheney

Kinker: Cheney

Sherwood: Cheney

Watson: Cheney

Williams: Cheney

2A No. 10 Pleasant Ridge (4-1) at 2A No. 1 Rossville (5-0)

Chaney: Rossville

Kinker: Rossville

Sherwood: Rossville

Watson: Rossville

Williams: Rossville

2A No. 4 Wellsville (5-0) at 2A No. 2 Osage City (5-0)

Chaney: Wellsville

Kinker: Osage City

Sherwood: Osage City

Watson: Wellsville

Williams: Osage City

1A No. 10 Jefferson Co. North (3-2) at 1A No. 7 Wabaunsee (4-1)

Chaney: Wabaunsee

Kinker: Wabaunsee

Sherwood: Wabaunsee

Watson: Wabaunsee

Williams: Wabaunsee

1A No. 8 Plainville (3-2) at 1A No. 3 Smith Center (5-0)

Chaney: Smith Center

Kinker: Smith Center

Sherwood: Smith Center

Watson: Smith Center

Williams: Smith Center

8-I No. 2 Madison (5-0) at 8-I No. 6 Chase County (5-0)

Chaney: Madison

Kinker: Madison

Sherwood: Madison

Watson: Madison

Williams: Madison

8-I No. 10 Yates Center (5-0) at 8-I No. 5 Sedan (5-0)

Chaney: Yates Center

Kinker: Yates Center

Sherwood: Yates Center

Watson: Sedan

Williams: Yates Center

8-II No. 9 Osborne (4-1) at 8-II No. 3 Thunder Ridge (5-0)

Chaney: Osborne

Kinker: Thunder Ridge

Sherwood: Thunder Ridge

Watson: Thunder Ridge

Williams: Thunder Ridge

Minneola (4-1) at 8-II No. 5 Bucklin (5-0) 

Chaney: Bucklin 

Kinker: Bucklin 

Sherwood: Bucklin 

Watson: Bucklin 

Williams: Bucklin