One major art museum is making a move to prominently highlight women artists for an entire year. The Baltimore Museum of Art announced that all artwork it adds to its collection in 2020 — either donated or purchased — will have been created by a woman artist, the Baltimore Sun reports.  

The "2020 Vision" initiative is meant to expand the representation of women artists in the BMA and inspire other museums to do the same. Researchers at Williams College found that 87% of artists in 18 prominent U.S. museums are men. 

“This how you raise awareness and shift the identity of an institution,” museum director Christopher Bedford said, according to the Baltimore Sun. “You don’t just purchase one painting by a female artist of color and hang it on the wall next to a painting by Mark Rothko. To rectify centuries of imbalance, you have to do something radical.”

According to the Baltimore Sun, 4% of the 95,000 artworks currently in the BMA's permanent collection are by women. 

The museum plans to spend $2 million to purchase work by women artists next year, with intentions to continue focusing more on women artists in the future. 

“This is a declaration of intent going forward of the kinds of exhibits we will have and the kind of acquisitions we will make," Bedford said. "There can be no beginning and no end, just a consistency of effort in the right direction.”

The initiative coincides with the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment, which granted women the right to vote in the U.S. 

In addition, the 22 exhibits on view next year will have a women-centric focus. The BMA has already kicked off the celebration with an exhibit of American women modernists, including Georgia O'Keefe, Elizabeth Catlett, Helen Jacobson and more. "By Their Creative Force: American Women Modernists" is on display until July 5, 2020.